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Images appear broken

This seems to be a common issue. I've been using canvas for a previous semester already, and starting Monday it seems images appear broken (screenshot attached). I never had this problem before, but it is seriously interfering with my art class, because the images are essential to complete the coursework. I've tried restarting the browser and computer, switching browsers(Currently using firefox), clearing cache and cookies, using other computers. This issue refuses to go away. Upon using "inspect element" the image is labelled "img.broken-image" (Also attached a screenshot of this)

I don't know what more to do as I'm not an avid user, I've only used it for classes. Thanks for your time.

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I am having the same issue. I have switched from Chrome, to Firefox, to Internet Explorer, and now to Edge. It is the same issue on all of them. I verified that I have all the required extensions. So it appears it is an issue with Canvas and not my PC or browser.

Did you find a solution?

The problem has been fixed for me. The professor also said they made some adjustments, but I do not know if the problem was fixed by these adjustments or just by chance as that seems to happen sometimes.

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Community Advocate

I nearly died myself this morning when I logged into a class and all the images were broken. Logged into another class they were fine, went back to the original class and it loaded fine.  It has been happening on and off recently. Usually it remedies itself with a reload. I'm always on a great connection so it's not that.