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Images embedded in Pages disappear/reappear at random?

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Images (which I have saved in my Course Files and then embedded in Pages in my course) will sometimes disappear, and are replaced with the name that the image has been saved as. The image will then reappear at a later time. Is there a way to keep this from happeing? Here is an example:


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, all,

Our engineers have found a previous change made to images that may have caused this behavior and have removed it from the production environment for now. You should not be seeing any more errors after your browser's cache expiration. After the holidays our teams will implement a permanent fix for the previous change they were trying to resolve. Smiley Happy

Thanks for your patience!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kimberly_smith2 ‌

This has be intermittently happening to others as demonstrated here Why are my jpeg images disappearing?!!! , here  Broken Images After Uploading, and here where there is a response from Support ;  and this just recently also happened to  @chofer ‌ one of our Community Coaches.

I would strongly suggest opening a Support Ticket so that Instructure can gauge the extent of the problem.

What I have noticed in my own courses is that often the images are very (and I mean VERY) slow to open. So slow, in fact, that I suspect the link is broken and examine it to fix, then finally it pops up.

Go figure

Thank you Kelly. I will open a ticket.

It turns out that submitting a ticket may not be very effective. Though, as you mention, others have reported this issue (even very recently, 12/12/17), the response I recieved from my support ticket was essentially that the problem must be on my end (e.g. "I have looked into this issue and I am not experiencing the same behavior. I would suggest these trouble shooting methods...", followed by clear cache, check internet connect, etc.). Even so, I tried most the suggestions provided by (except the Incognito option). Clearing my browser/cache did actually work, but only for about 10 minutes - then the images disappeared again. I also  tried watching/waiting for more than 4 minutes (to see if it was a 'loading very slowly' problem), but the images did not appear. 

In the Broken Images After Uploading conversation, Susan Nugent indicates this problem is only affecting newly uploaded images. However, that is not the case for me (both old and newly uploaded images are affected). Importantly, in that same conversation, the post Michael Welker provided on 11/06/2017 seems to indicate that Canvas may consider this problem fixed. 

Do we know if someone is actually working on this issue? If the problem isn't fixed soon, it seems I will have to start undoing a lot of recent work in my course. Of course, I know what the 'image.png' names mean - so I can still sort of navigate my course. However, my students will not have the same option. Is there an alternative to submitting a support ticket - some method that might draw more immediate attention to resolving this issue? In case it might help, I will also post to other places that this conversation is taking place. Thank you!

One of the courses I teach is General Psychology. For many students, my course is part of their first college experience, and their first time using Canvas. For the upcoming semester, I have been working to make my Canvas course as user friendy as possible for my students. The images I have embedded in my course are not just to make the pages 'look nicer'. Rather, many of the images function as 'click-and-go' icons - which take students to a desired module or other page (the images disappear irrespective of whether they are 'linked' or not). The idea was that my course would act more like what students are mor familiar with when going into actual websites - rather than their having to scroll through lists of text (often resulting in missed resources and/or assignments). I will really hate to start undoing this work Smiley Sad


If you can, you should contact your account's Customer Service Manager  (CSM) and explain your problem with Support, because....................

In this similar case I referred you too Broken Images After Uploading , includes this comment dated 10/31/17,


Canvas Support confirmed on our ticket this is a known thing:

" We are aware of this problem and our next level of support are working very swiftly on getting this fixed."

Now either its a bug, or it's user error, and Support needs to figure this out and provide users with a consistent message. I vote  for "bug" by the way, and especially since it showed up after a production release.

I hope this helps,


Hi Kelly,

Yes, I did see that. But then Michael later posted an update (on 11/06/17) which seemed to indicate a fix had been made. The GOOD news is that after further correspondence with L1 Operations Canvas Support, I just received the following response:

"Thank you for clarifying that you've attempted the browser steps. After further investigating, I was able to recreate the same behavior. Unfortunately I haven't found a root cause yet, so I've notified our engineers of this situation and they've created a work ticket to narrow down this issue. I've attached this message to the engineers work ticket. That way, once there's a resolution, you'll be notified through email."

Yay! So, perhaps this will be resolved soon. I will post an update when I hear back from Engineering.

Thank you again.

P.S. I wonder if it would be helpful if those who also are seeing this problem submit a support request on this and then listed their support ticket case numbers here. Then, if others who submit subsequent support requests included these case numbers in their support request, it might make it easier for Engineers to track this problem down (not reinventing the wheel each time a request is submitted)? Here is my support ticket information: Canvas Support: Embedded Images - Case #02672254 [] [ ref:_00DA0Ibsk._500A0ZCw5V:ref ] 

Thanks for doing this,  @kimberly_smith1 ; it definitely helps Canvas Support to be able to group similar support cases together.

Thank you Stefanie. Hopefully others will submit support requests and post thier ticket numbers here Smiley Happy I am going to alert othersto this in the other conversations referenced.

Just a quick update...

I emailed Canvas to check on the status of this issue. Here is the 12/17/17 response:

Thank you for checking in. Our engineers are still working on this case. We do not have additional updates at this time. This ticket is still on our radar. You will be notified once we have more information.

I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Thank you,
Canvas Support


I would ask that anyone who is also experiencing this problem to PLEASE submit an official Support Request to Canvas (and maybe also reference the number above?). With so many instructors likely 'on break' right now, I worry that some may not discover the problem until much closer to semester start time (so are not reporting it). My hope is that more official requests now may = more techs working on it, and may head off potential panic later. If this remains unresolved at the start of the new semester, it will be a real problem for anyone who (like me) uses embedded images with hyperlinks for course navigation and/or embeds images in quizzes.