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Images embedded in Pages disappear/reappear at random?

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Images (which I have saved in my Course Files and then embedded in Pages in my course) will sometimes disappear, and are replaced with the name that the image has been saved as. The image will then reappear at a later time. Is there a way to keep this from happeing? Here is an example:


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Just chiming in here on this issue. My .PNG images on one page have disappeared and have been replaced with rectangles and random numbers. Instructor View, Student View, Firefox, Chrome, Safari: No matter, the results are the same. Cleared the cache, cleared my thoughts, cleared my throat. I still have the same problem.

I was told my pictures linked to another class.  

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Wouldn't that cause more consistent issues (for pretty much everyone except the instructor)?  I'm still getting oddly random feedback on missing images, as well as occasionally seeing them missing myself, and can't find much of an answer despite threads going back 2 years or so.

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Adding another voice to this issue. I teach a large online class and have had this problem intermittently on at least two dozen sites since my university shifted over to Canvas a couple of years ago. I've pulled a bunch of images out of my courses -- including all images out of quizzes and exams -- because they're so unpredictable, but it seemed like it had stabilized recently. Now we have classes starting up tomorrow and it's happening again.

It's like Canvas momentarily loses the link to the image. I've gotten so frustrated with the "clear your cache" and "refresh" instructions in the past that I've sat in front of the computer refreshing over and over again. The image will usually pop back up again on the 20th or 30th (or more) refresh, with no other interference from me at all. The same thing happened just now. The image disappeared. I clicked edit to look at the html coding; all was in order. I canceled. No image. I refreshed a bunch of times, and the image magically came back. It makes me wonder how many times images disappears when I don't happen to be in the site watching, and what in the world triggers it. (They're all internal images, uploaded to the sites.)

As folks have pointed out in the many other threads about this, we can't expect students to do the kinds of workarounds pitched here and big blank x's on the screen inhibit the student experience of the course either visually or materially. Is this a "forever bug" or is it still being worked on? 

Hello  @bosborne  ,

Oh no! This has not happened to me in awhile. I'm so sad to hear it's cropping up again Smiley Sad. I use images in my quizzes as well. I don't understand why Canvas keeps insisting that this is a user (not programming) issue. 

Agreed  @erinpac1  ,

Also, if it were a matter of images being linked to a different course, wouldn't those images fail to appear at all. as opposed to showing up sometimes and sometimes not? Whenever I 'Copy a Canvas Course', I always copy over all of my course images as well. Even so, I have run into the 'images disappearing randomly' issue multiple times over the years - though not in the last year or so (thank goodness). 

I didn't see it in the last two terms... and then it popped back up again this term.  😕

Luckily this semester, it seems to be hitting less critical images so far, but still seems like a significant, even if unpredictable, problem.

As others, I am very concerned that this is happening again. I use images in quizzes (not just as decorative). For those who may be new to this issue in Canvas, I wanted to quickly mention that when images disappear, the name of that image displays instead. So, for those using images in quizzes/assignments, you will want to be sure that you name these images in such a way that it does not provide the answer to your quiz question (i.e. Question: Which Gestalt principle does the image below best exemplify? image name "Ch05.Gestalt.Figure-Ground.png". Of course, this image name display behavior may have changed with the new RCE? We were just forced to adopt that last week.

It occurs to me just now that we may also want to be careful about renaming Course Images? With the new RCE, it appears that Canvas is now managing media differently - with the "Course Media" function replacing the direct embed option. By chance, does anyone know more about this as it relates to renaming previously embedded media, like images, videos we recorded and saved to Files, etc.? (are we having fun yet?)

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Still having issues with this in 12/2020! 

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I've seen both these issues -- linking to a different course AND intermittently disappearing/reappearing. So I believe they are two separate things.