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Images have disappeared from my CANVAS pages

I have had images (JPG, etc) on my modules, pages, etc ever since I started using CANVAS. I was having another technological problem unrelated to this software and it was suggested I upgrade my operating system to Mojave so I did. Every since then, no images will show up anywhere in the program.  They box is still there but it has a tiny blue "?" mark in the center. Nothing I have tried has worked to embed the images on my pages.  The images others have created I other modules (ie. MicrosoftTeams tutorial) are not showing images either.  I have been working with my tech facilitator but we are unsure where to go from here.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @jami_lemmond  Welcome to the Canvas Community! Based on your reference to Mojave I'm going to assume that you're experiencing this issue through the Safari browser. If that is the case please see if these troubleshooting tips help you resolve it.

yes it is Safari and I will try this. Thanks so much

​Jami Lemmond

MPES School Counselor