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Images in Canvas Quiz not working

Just today I started getting messages from students saying that the images in quiz questions are not working. I've attached a screen shot that a student sent me. This is happening across all of my courses and quizzes.

During the past few days lots of students have taken these quizzes successfully, but it seems that just last night or this morning the images stopped loading. 

I have re-uploaded and embedded all images using the rich content editor on the right side of the screen when editing quizzes, and it still doesn't seem to work for students. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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I also have this problem.  It seems so far to be about 10% of the students and so far all have Macs....

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I also have this problem with a student using a mac laptop.

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This has been my living nightmare this week.  I am using a PC laptop at home with zero issue, but it doesn't work on my school issued iPad.  All of our students have iPads, so it could be a mac issue.

Community Champion

Hi,  @jessica_gregers . This issue comes up from time to time in the Community. From what I have observed the most common cause is something to do with the device or network of the person viewing the image. A very thorough blog post has been written by a community member at Images Not Showing Up in Canvas? Here’s What You Can Do. However, even before the steps outlined in that blog post, I would check with the students to ensure they are using supported web browsers on supported computers or the mobile apps on mobile devices, Which browsers does Canvas support?

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We are constantly having this issue as well. This link is broken  Images Not Showing Up in Canvas? Here’s What You Can Do Do you have an update link? I'd love to read this documantaiton.