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Images in question banks not copying

I have a ton of images in question banks.  Last year, I exported the entire course to give to another teacher, who imports the question banks and the file folders (meticulously well organized), but the images do not appear in the questions.  Instead of linking to her local copy of the images, they appear to link back to my old course.  My old course is archived and removed.  Does she need to go manually re-link every single image?  This makes sharing of question banks virtually worthless.  Portability of question banks is a necessity - we don't really have any options to make common areas or anything as our IT people handle all of that.  It also makes sharing of courses with question banks to the commons unworkable, as you are now dependent on the original exporter keeping his course available forever.  How can question banks be make to preserve local copies of inline image links?

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I have a similar problem. At the beginning of the semester I transferred all of last semester's course content to my new Canvas courses, including my question banks. When I edit a quiz, if I add questions "as-is" directly from my question bank, the images stay intact.

However, If I attempt to edit the question in any way, even just to change the number of points possible, the image disappears and is replaced by a broken image icon and the name of the image file.

This is the first time in three years that I have encountered this problem. Any ideas?

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It appears that the questions in a copied question bank link back to the files (images) in the original course, not the new course.  If you look at the html in the question, you see something linke, img src="/assessment_questions/1234567/files/996000/download?verifier=3qJNsJ8jFvccqpUpEtTxrYUtq4R6717kq2jO1QZw4", which is a reference back to the ORIGINAL course files, not the current course.  I am guessing the "verifier", which does not show up in the html of a question linking to a file in the same course, is some kind of token allowing access from one course to another.

The course import clearly needs to fix these and make them local to the course.  I'm sure it's an effort to sae space, but what if the original image is changed or deleted, or you no longer have access to the course.  Because the only way we can share banks on my campus is for one teacher to export the course and then another import the course, the questions must have local links to the images.  Otherwise when another teacher alters a course, it affects everyone with whom they shared question banks.  Other teachers may want to make modifications, like @Robert De Groff, without having all of the pictures dissappear.

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This is marked as answered but this is still a problem, if I understand it correctly. If there is an idea posted to fix this, please let us know so that we can vote it up.

Thank you - Erin 

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Does anyone know if there is a solution to this? I use images quite a bit in my quizzes/question banks and am losing them when I copy a question bank from one course to another.

This is not an answer, just more info.  Answer, if someone knows would be helpful.

It sound as if you import a quiz rather than a question bank, it will include the images.  Can you do that?  It apparently imports the questions into an unfiled question bank.  Immediately after importing a quiz, you could move the questions into an another bank. 

It's not optimal.  Really importing a bank should import the images too.  I will look for an existing Idea.