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Images rotated when uploaded..How to rotate them back?

Im submitting a portfolio for a class which contains LOTS of pictures--notes, photos taken during presentations, classwork from other classes, personal artwork, etc--and almost all images I upload are rotated. All the photos are the same size since theyre taken from the same device, and they arent rotated in my computer files or on the device, only when uploaded and added to my portfolios. 

This is a lot of photos to have to manually edit and crop/rotate myself to try to get the website to properly rotate them. Is there a way to stop this issue or rotate the photos in the program?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @mjhuffma  Welcometo the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  When you say "device", I assume that you are uploading your photos from your mobile phone or tablet (such as an iPhone/iPad).  This topic has been brought up a few times here in the Community, and usually my advice is to use your volume buttons on your mobile device instead of the button you'd normally use to snap a photo.  Sometimes, the volume buttons actually keep the image rotated properly once you download them to your computer.  Strange...but it usually works.  If the images are in your course already (or if you have a copy of them on your computer's hard drive), you'll need to open them up in a graphics editing program (MS Paint would work just fine on Windows...or you could download the open-source program called Gimp).  After the image is open, making sure the image is oriented correctly, you would just save it right away.  Hopefully, the image would then display properly for you and your students in Canvas.  Unfortunately, there aren't any tools in Canvas that would allow you to rotate images after they've been uploaded to your course.

Here are some links that I've found for you:

I hope this information and these links help you, Marysa.

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I had searched for other pages to about this issue and couldnt find them, which is why i made my post. Though, Im not a professor, I'm a student, and we're required to make ePortfolios to turn in. I thought opening up my images in my art program(I use SAI) and resaving them was the only way, but i wanted to be sure since rotating images seems like a pretty basic function and i have like....40 images or something. I guess i'll have to do that then.

Thanks for your reply, and for the link to vote for this! Hopefully they make it happen.