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Does Immersive Reader work in Quizzes?

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 @crystal_prado ,

The Microsoft Immersive reader only works on wiki Pages in Canvas at this time.  You can find more information here:

How do I use the Microsoft Immersive Reader when viewing a page as a student? 


My district is using read/write for chrome which seems to work with everything except screenshots and quizzes.  Is this your experience and can you suggest a workaround?

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Speak it is a Chrome extension and works in quizzes. You highlight the question right click on the question and select speak it from the drop-down menu. It is not sexy or smooth but it seems to get it done. 

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To confirm this does not mean stock pages from an institution that provides curriculum the reader works specifically for teacher-created pages?

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I know that it is a long-shot, but it has been a few months since the initial post. Any update on whether or not the Immersive Reader works on Quizzes?

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