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Dear all,

I'm trying to set up a digital exam in canvas. I created the exam using R-exams, which allows me to easily randomise questions to make cheating less easy. On their website they mention that it should be possible to import exams in canvas, but I do not really understand how. Has anyone used R-exams together with canvas? Specifically I am wondering:

- can I import an R-exam file into canvas and convert it directly into a quiz?

- Can I make this quiz different for different students?


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I haven't used R/exams, but I'm pulling the workflow from several pages on their website and here in the Canvas Community.

The first page I found was this page R/exams @ useR! 2019. About 80% of the way down there is a command about how to generate the file you need to import into Canvas. Realize this is their example and will need modified for your case.

exams2canvas(elearn_exam[1:5], n = 3, name = "useR-2019", dir = "output", edir = "exercises", duration = 15)

Here is the full documentation for the exams2canvas command.

Under the Details section, it says

exams2canvas is a convenience interface to exams2qti12 for generating QTI 1.2 with some small tweaks for Canvas (

Now that we know that the file is a QTI 1.2 file, we can import into Canvas.

For legacy quizzes, follow the instructions in this lesson from the Canvas Instructor Guide:  

Unfortunately, as I write this, I'm getting an Unauthorized error on that page. Canvas is in the process of deprecating legacy Quizzes, so I hope the error is only temporary, maybe while someone is editing it?  Here are the steps until the page comes back

  1. Go to your course Settings page
  2. Choose Import Course Content from the sidebar
  3. For the Content Type, choose QTI .zip file
  4. For the Source, click Choose File and locate the file that came from R/exams.
  5. Click Import

For New Quizzes, follow the instructions in this lesson: 

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