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Import marks into rubric

We have an assignment that is double-marked against a rubric. The markers enter their marks against each criterion in a spreadsheet and we standardise them.

Is there a way to import the marks and associated comments into Canvas and have them show up against the rubric for each student? I know we can import the overall mark but it this not that useful without the mark breakdown and associated comments. 

Obviously a double-marking feature would be ideal, but this import option may be easier to implement in the mean time?


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@ysbin I do not think this is possible.  Basically what you would like is the ability to export a rubric for an assignment so that the rubric could be updated in a csv for each student and then upload that graded rubric.  This would be similar to what you can do with just the grades for an assignment.

I think this is an excellent idea.  My thought is that it might be possible for someone to write a javascript add on (i.e like one of James' canvancements) to do.