Importing Imscc files with LTI links to quizzes that need to be changed to Canvas Assignments

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I have IMSCC files that have LTI links that are actually LTI links to quizzes that are hosted in another Assessment Engine product outside of Canvas.

When I import the IMSCC file into Canvas, the LTI links are importing fine as links in a module. 

But in order to have the Assessment Engine post grades back to the Canvas Gradebook, I need to go through a series of steps to convert these "quiz" LTI links into Canvas Assignments.     I have upward of 500 of these type of LTI links to quizzes in a Course.   Converting these LTI links into Assignments is very, very  time consuming.

My question is, in Canvas is there an easier way to convert these IMSCC LTI quiz links into Canvas Assignments so that my Assessment Engine will pass grades back to the Canvas GradeBook ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Dan Giglio

Ascend Learning

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Hi @dan_giglio 

I have no answer for you. You have greatly exceeded my expertise!

However the Developers Group in this community has the meat, to quote a famous sandwich chain! When you post your query in there, I would suggest identifying the third-party quizzing engine you are using.

Good luck,


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