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Importing csv to give 100 possible answers on a survey

In the past I used some Google Apps Script in Google Forms to make a survey question with 150 answers to choose from but we are implementing Canvas this year and I'm trying to determine if I can use classic survey and somehow for a multiple dropdown question upload a csv list of all possible choices?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @marchermon 

You would not be able to use a CSV file to populate answer items for a quiz question, and would need to manually create them

While you can use apps to develop assessment question items, then import them into Canvas as UTI files, you would still, essentially, have to create that item the first time manually wherever you create it, using whatever tool you want, so you might as well create it in Canvas.

Of course, there is nothing keeping you from copy/pasting the text of those 100 answers from your CSV file into the Canvas item answer fields.


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