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In, is there a setting where students can see feedback for a quiz question immediately upon submitting the quiz, even for an essay question?

In, I have created an essay question. I want my students to see the feedback for that question as soon as they submit the quiz, without them having to wait for me to go in and grade the item. Can I do this?

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Thanks for motivating me to pull together my notes  @higginbothamh ‌!  I pulled screenshots of some of the results combinations last week to put in a cheat sheet for myself. You've shown me that I need to add some additional information so I can see what the Essay question feedback looks like.

With these option combinations, none of them allowed for the Essay feedback to show when the question was ungraded still.

Quizzes.Next Results - Google Docs 


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Thank you for answering.

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Hi  @higginbothamh and  @kroeninm . I was curious and just tried looking this up.  It appears that when this setting shown below is used, students could see the general feedback for both m/c and essay questions.  

I thought I would see if you have had similar experiences since this question was originally posted.

All the best!


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 @higginbothamh  and  @kroeninm ‌ -- We've come up with a solution to this problem. The hack is not elegant, but it seems to achieve the intended result of giving general feedback on essay questions (albeit in an indirect way).

It is a known problem in Quizzes.Next/New Quizzes that students will have to wait until their essay questions are graded to see the general feedback. This appears to be by design, and so I cannot imagine Instructure will ever change it. To deal with this problem, some people will post general feedback in a separate document that students can access after the quiz (so that they don't have to wait for the question to be graded). We have also come up with this alternative solution.

If you follow the essay question with an automatically graded dummy question (0 points) that asks the students something like, "Would you like to see feedback on the previous essay question after the quiz?", then you can put your general feedback for the essay question in the general feedback for the dummy question. It clutters things a bit for the student, but it extends the ability of giving general feedback from the autograded questions to the essay questions as well.

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ericwerth -- See the Google Docs that  @kroeninm ‌ shared. As she documents, those options have no effect on whether General Feedback is shown for essay questions. General feedback will only be shown on graded questions. That means it gets displayed automatically for auto-graded questions only. The only way to show general feedback on essay questions immediately is to follow them with an auto-graded dummy question that itself carries the general feedback for the essay question that comes before it.