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Inactive Students still showing in Groups

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Hi there,

Has anyone else found that when you make a student "inactive" due to drop or withdrawal, they are still listed in the groups within the course? My understanding was that student could not be added to groups once they were listed inactive. However, if they are already participating or added to a group when that status changes, they are still listed as participants in the group. Is there a way to "refresh" the group list so as to not show those inactive students?

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So, one other thing to note here - I learned today that engineering trackers work much the same as Feature requests in that the more people affected or reporting the issue, the larger the scope it and the more important the issue is to be fixed. So, if you are having this issue, please report! Smiley Happy Thanks!

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 @hvaughn ​ submitted this related feature idea which will open for voting in March 2016:

By posting this, I don't mean to discourage anyone who wishes to follow  @tmd194 ​'s advice to report issues of this type to Canvas Support.

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The feature idea " modifiedtitle="true" title="Group Enrollments should Match Course Enrollments is now open for voting.  please go and vote up!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Tracy,

The majority of behaviors with inactive enrollments were resolved as part of the Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-04-02). Please see the Fixed Bugs section about Groups for more information. There is still a bug where instructors can still see the inactive student in their groups list and I'm working on getting a ticket in to address that tonight.

Thank you!


Is there any update to this? We are still seeing inactive students in our groups (on the instructor side). Thanks.

Hi, Patricia,

The intent is that instructors should always have the students still appear in the groups, but we just need to make them more visible to you. I know the ticket is in progress but I don't have a timeline as to when it will be resolved.



This definitely needs to happen, but instructors also need to be able to easy add new people to a group, to replace those who have become inactive.

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Yes, when I set up my first discussion groups--nice, time-intensive, complicated set-ups, the required student feedback was assigned automatically, which I thought was great. Then I found the inactives were clogging up the discussions and making appropriate grading of those discussions impossible. I did ask on campus and tried finding the answers here, but did not seem to frame the questions clearly enough to be told this particular issue was a Bug.

I abandoned those graded discussions. It is only now that I see this is not just my ineptitude.

Thanks, Tracy M. Colbert. You've resurrected a bit of my self-esteem--which has taken quite a beating of late.

I just wish there was a list of "Newcomer, DON"T try this in your first semester" warnings in Canvas.

The hours spent trying the impossible fixes really could be better spent elsewhere.

La Vergne

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What is the timeline for fixing this bug?