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Incomplete students remove from original section?

This really isn't a question - just more of an FYI we ran into today. I would have posted on the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-05-16) but they are closed for comments. Smiley Sad

Anyway - this is regarding the release note items about the Fix for Course Enrollments:

Multiple Sections in Course List

If a user is enrolled in more than one section in a course, only one enrollment appears in the course list.

Explanation: When a user was enrolled in more than one section in a course, such as an instructor being enrolled in all course sections, the Courses page displayed links for all section enrollments. This behavior occurred because the code was set to display all enrollments. Canvas code has been updated to combine multiple enrollments into one listing by course and user type.

The fix is awesome - but there is a side effect of this that causes some strange behavior - a student was unable to complete her coursework during the Winter 2015 quarter, thus was placed in an extended Incomplete section. Closed assignments were given separate due dates for her. However, as she has began participating in the extended section, Canvas began submitting assignments automatically for her, and she was been unable to participate in these items.

I created a ticket, on which I received a very quick response -

It seems this has changed rather recently, per the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-05-16) multiple sections within a course no longer appear as separate enrollments which is why students were able to access the course before sections were merged in student's enrollments. Now if a student has multiple sections within a course their end date will be determined by whichever section concludes first.

It has not been our practice to remove the Incomplete student from the original section - but we will need to do so going forward. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

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I have come across an odd issue that even though I talk to the Canvas Support folks, I'm not sure I feel like I understand that the solution given to me is correct.

Here is the issue:

We set up an Incomplete section in those courses that needed it.

We set the Incomplete section dates to be, for example, June 20-Aug 4, while the "regular" course section dates are April 6 - June 19. (Both with the box checked "Students can only access the course between these dates")

We then added students to the Incomplete section.

When you look at the People tab, we have found that those students who have the Incomplete section listed FIRST have no problem accessing the course.

But those students who show the Incomplete section listed LAST cannot see the course in their "Courses and Groups" (but can access by going in through Grades).

Canvas Support said that because the student was on two sections that the dates were competing and it was following the one that closes first.  But the dates aren't really section ends, then the next section opens. But even if that were true, that still doesn't explain why those who are in the section where Incomplete it is listed first have no access issue.

I have tried taking those students with the access issue off the "regular" section and then putting them back in to see if it would change the order and it would not.

It seems right now that our only option is to just remove them from the "regular" section and leave them only in Incomplete.  It's not a horrible solution, but still head-scratching, especially considering all students were added at in the same time frame the same way (manually).  Also more head-scratching because the Guide on this specifically states: "You don't need to remove the student from his or her original section to have them enrolled in the section. " What do I do if a student has an incomplete?

I talked with our CSM about it and she feels there may be a bug, so if you find a similar experience, let your CSM know.

Wow Laura, thanks for this update! I have NOT noticed this, but will definitely be testing it out. I suppose creative naming of sections could dictate how sections are listed for students. I am going to play with this and let you know if I find the same results.

Hi Laura,

Did your CSM ever find out for sure if it was a bug? We have just migrated over to Canvas and are starting to get requests for incomplete students.