Incorrect answer flag in quizzes needs to go away!

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Is there a way to stop Canvas from indicating which quiz questions the student got wrong with the "incorrect" flag?

In an all virtual world, the students can share with each other the correct answers because they know what answers are wrong.  This completely corrupts a quiz and makes the quiz function useless.

Is there a way to turn off all student feedback until after the quizzes are graded?

If not, this needs to be added ASAP while we are all dealing with virtual learning to one degree or another.

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Hi @RobCNJ 

For both the legacy quiz tool and New Quizzes you can set the quiz options to not display quiz responses until you are ready for them to be displayed.

Quizzes: What options can I set in a Quiz?

New Quizzes: How do I restrict students from viewing assessment results in New Quizzes?

I hope this is helpful,


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