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Incorrect quiz score after editing points-per-question within a group.


I'm one of two LMS admins at a brand new Canvas school, and one of our first instructors set up her quiz for the wrong number of points. After some students took the quiz, she changed the point value of all questions in the group from 10 to 12.5 (so that 8 questions would equal 100). But now one student who has taken the quiz already is still getting 10/10 for 9 questions, and her score is stuck at showing 90/100 rather than 100/100. 

When we looked at the quiz, it also had an error saying it was trying to pull more questions than are available in the question bank, so we changed the group from 10 to 8 questions. It's definitely possible the instructor made other changes we're not aware of - we're meeting with her in the near future to try and narrow down the steps she took. 

Any advice on how to proceed with getting these students' scored fixed, and how best to warn instructors away from this happening?

It doesn't seem like there's an option to regrade, since we used a question group. It seems very strange that Canvas is missing such a basic feature - it was an easy fix in Moodle to update the total score of a quiz and let it regrade all the students out of that total. Is that going to be available in New Quizzes?

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Hello  @mpfaff1  .  I apologize that it's taken so long for anyone to answer your question.  Have you seen this document?  What options can I use to regrade a quiz in a course? or this one: 

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