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I have a common problem--a student assigned to a group does not do the work and thus should receive a "0" for the group assignment.  If I use Canvas Speedgrader for the group grade, then enter '0' for the individual in the Gradebook (and click missing or absent), it changes at least one other (participating) student's grade to a '0' as well. The solution suggested by our  Canvas staff was to click the button "Assign Grades to Each Student Individually" under the "This is a Group Assignment" category.  That makes SpeedGrader useless for entering group grades on Gradebook.  Is there an option of giving an individual who fails to participate in a group an individual grade and everyone else the group grade on Gradebook?

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Community Team

Hi @b-linn,

Currently, the solution they gave you to assign grades individually is the only way to have a different score for a student assigned to a group assignment (even if they're the only one in the group that needs a different score). If you'd like to suggest a change to this functionality, you can create a feature idea. For more information about creating a feature idea, see How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community?.


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