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Individual question points in a quiz question group


If I create a question group Canvas prompts me for points per question.  However, the questions inside the group also allow me to set points per that question. 

For example, I have two questions inside a group both of which are fill in the blank.  One question has 16 blanks the other 11 blanks.  I would like to keep the point totals for each question equal to these number of blanks.  When placed inside the group it appears that Canvas will force both questions to be of equal weight depending on the the value I enter in the points per question for that group.  Is that correct i.e. if I put 15 in points per question Canvas will grade both questions in that group at 15 points, or will Canvas grade by the points assigned to each question in that group, 11 and 16?

If the former, that is a change I highly recommend making: To allow instructors to choose if to provide equal weight or individual weight.  Doesn't see too difficult an ask especially since many instructors use the Group setting just to provide a randomization of the same questions to all students.


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Hello  @ajw13  .  I see that it has been awhile since you asked your question, and I want to apologize for that.  Were you able to find the answer?

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I agree with Andy above. In this time of pandemic with all Canvas quizzes, it would be so good if questions in a group could have different point settings. 


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Why has this still gone unanswered? It's been a year now. I need to know as well.