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Infinite Campus Grade Passback: Cannot Export Canvas Submission

I have a course where Canvas is absolutely refusing to pass grades to IC for specific students.

These students were added to the course after the due date of 3 assignments. The assignments are assigned to "Everyone," but I think the problem is that these students were not included as "Everyone" when the assignment was made/due?

On those assignments, grade passback will not place a grade into Infinite Campus for these students.  Grades have been entered into the Canvas gradebook, but the sync leaves them blank in Infinite Cmapus.

We are receiving this error message:
Cannot export Canvas submission in section xxxx assignment xxx for student xxxx

Even after opening the assignment and resaving the assignment to "Everyone," I receive the same error.

Has anyone experienced this?

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I just noticed that Canvas has updated the error message to be more descriptive:

"Cannot export Canvas submission because student enrollment date is after assignment due date"

So we know that this is truly the issue...but does anyone know if there is a workaround to stop that error from showing up every night?


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