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I have random students who can not access the course due to a "join code" that we do not use for the course.

Have tried to reset password, use a different browser, confirmed the course is published and confirmed email address.

What other solutions am I missing?


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Hi  @lperry31  Welcome to the Canvas Community. A join code will exist, typically, for institutions that do not have an integration with the institution's registration system and/or for a course that is otherwise (for lack of a better term) "off the grid" for some reason; perhaps a course created for a special purpose of some kind.  To answer your question, though, you will see if you course has been set this way by checking out this lesson: .  In other words, it's going to be down on your Settings screen.  If you see a join code where those illustrations indicate, then there's the issue.

But before you remove it or uncheck that checkbox that enables it, you may want to hunt down someone in your institution's support area to see how/why this occurred if it's not normal...and it sounds like it isn't! (Do have TAs that may have enabled that somehow??)  

I hope this helps a bit, Lisa.

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