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Do I need to somehow turn "insights" on for my studio videos?  I am trying to see which of my students viewed my video that I embedded into their assignment but it says "There is no data to display."  And I know some students viewed it.  Why is it not showing me the data?

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@kimteed I was looking for this documented anywhere and can't find it so this may be completely wrong but I did not think that "Insights" works for when a video is embedded in something.  There is nothing I have seen in the embed code that pays attention to the user that is currently on that page/assignment/discussion/quiz and logs that information and passes it to Canvas studio.  The video needs to be linked so that students click on the link which then starts the viewer log.

I did just test this and the student did not get logged when looking at an embedded video.

Maybe someone else in the community know for 100% sure.


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Hi @kimteed ...

To add to what @nwilson7 said...  can we also confirm that you have embedded the Studio video (from your Studio library) into a content page within your course?  You can use this Guide to embed your video: How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a Canvas cou... - Instructure Community (

Once your video has been embedded in your course, your students should be able to watch it as many times as they want...assuming they are enrolled in your course.

When you want to view the insights for the video, click on the "Studio" icon on the left-hand global navigation bar of Canvas.  Then, click on the video that you had embedded in your course.  Finally, click on the "Insights" tab.  One thing that is often overlooked is an additional drop-down list on your Studio video.  Above the tabs for "Details", "Comments", "Insights", and "Captions", do you see another drop-down list?  If so, you will need to choose the course name from that drop-down list where you embedded the video.  Then, you should be able to see the insights from your students for that video.  This is illustrated in the section called "Select Course" of this Guide: How do I view media insights for my Canvas Studio ... - Instructure Community (

Hopefully this will help to resolve the issue for you.  Keep us posted...thanks!

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