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[Instructor] Why are my assignments that are graded as Complete/Incomplete showing up as zeros on Excel?

My goal is to see which students have not turned in an assignment, or have assignments marked incomplete. When I export my gradebook, my assignments (complete/incomplete graded) are all marked as zeros. Is there a way to show completed assignments as a different number value other than zero? It gets quite confusing to see both complete and incomplete grades marked as zero on Excel. 

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If your assignment is worth zero points (which is common with complete/incomplete assignments, if you only care whether or not it was completed), then it seems like it is expected behavior - How do I export grades in the New Gradebook? says "Complete/incomplete assignments are shown as full or no credit (e.g. for a 10-point assignment, 10 or 0)."

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 @eobina , 

To supplement what Tracey wrote, if you have been making the assignments worth 0 points because you don't want them to count, what you can do is make the assignments worth 1 point, or 10 points, or 1000 points, but then check the box that says "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade."


If you are using a weighted gradebook, then you could put all of these assignments (that now have a positive point value) into an assignment group and make them worth 0% of the grade. 

I also verified that these export from the Gradebook. However, there is nothing in the gradebook export that says "don't count this." That means that if you try to do calculations in Excel, you'll need to exclude them. Doing final grade calculations in Excel is difficult if you use any kind of weighting or rules to drop grades, so that may not be the reason you were exporting.

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Thank you for adding that extra info, James. I knew there was more to the story, but as an admin without a "real" gradebook, I was struggling to figure out the workaround. It takes a village!