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InstructureCon 2016

Did anyone notice where InstructureCon will be next year? Keystone, Colo. Real close to Frisco which is the coolest town in the Rockies....

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Ha! Nice plan. But guess what?! It turns out Keystone, CO is at a *higher* elevation than the typical cabin pressure in commercial flight. :smileyconfused:

(To quote my students: "According to Wikipedia").... Cabin pressurization is usually at the equivalent of about 8000 feet (~2400m), and the altitude of Keystone is 9173 feet (2796m).

@travis_cox ​

Being a trivia freak, I appreciate this little tidbit!

Are you kidding.  (note, no question mark, as this is more of a statement in despair)

:smileyconfused:  Ugh.

Yep, and at the Canyons Resort in Park City Utah where all previous Instcons were held was a measly 6,800ft.

For an old fool like myself, I think my wife's portable oxygen extractor might just be the ticket:smileycool:


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Anyone planning to bring their young ones and looked into care options?  My wife and I are both going (same institution, different units) and we're trying to figure out what to do with the little one.

I'm sure the pilots could just fly a little higher to compensate if asked nicely. After all, what could go wrong?

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If anyone decided to carpool out to the Dillon Dam Brewery shoot me a message.  I'd love a ride and will buy the driver a beer! @JamesVTech

That's a great restaurant and well worth the drive!

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Different swag each day here at Instructurecon. Nice touch having bagged lunches so those of us with other commitments can share in the food!