Intelliboard reporting & analytics

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Hello Everyone,


Can anyone share your thoughts and experiences with Intelliboard reporting & analytics for your LMS? We are currently in the Intelliboard Canvas Beta program. Here is some of things we were curious about…

  • How you are leveraging it across your campus?
  • How you present reports/dashboards at differing levels and assist from an administrative point of view as well as enhance students learning?
  • How you are involving other offices (ex: Institutional Research, Student Success Centers, Online Learning, and Academic PD’s and Department heads) in the academic landscape in the intelliboard offerings?

Specifically, our goals are as follows:

  • Provide early warning indicators regarding students falling behind in courses and programs 
  • Provide early warning indicators regarding faculty and TA’s which are not accessing their courses as frequently as they should be as per their Department head 
  • Gain an understanding of tools usage across Canvas broken up by school (sub accounts) and be able to report this with deans to make informed decisions regarding training for faculty 
  • Provide advisors with indicators on students who are falling behind in class based off of course access logs and grades 
  • Provide Deans with reports on which courses are published and unpublished and which of their faculty are using which tools in Canvas 
  • Provide various staff and academic administration real time dashboards of data on-demand 
  • Provide reports on specific tools or files (content) in particular Canvas courses whether they are present or not.  
  • Provide users enrollment status per course, and the frequency of log-ins for the LMS, course, and specific content items with in the course.  

If this is not done through Intelliboard, how about Canvas Data, or other systems to link into Canvas for dashboards on learning insights? Thanks very much for your input.