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Question - has anyone else tried to contact Canvas support directly recently? As the school's IT admin responsible for Canvas,  I was waiting for a response for a help ticket I opened one week ago and all I got is an automated response. What has been the general experience for others? 

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@JustinChoi If you have the ability to chat or call their support (depends on your support level agreement) these are super fast for anyone deemed a "Canvas Admin", honestly it is normally seconds until I am connected.  I find the slowest way is submitting a ticket as the last one I submitted (although was during the peak of COVID) was a few weeks before I heard back.  

When I look at our users though, I see they seem to be getting pretty quick, same day, replies from submitted tickets.  We pay for Tier 1 support so not sure how much that plays into things.  

You may try reaching out to your CSM as they can generally get in touch with the support team and help get a faster response.  

I have to give credit to Canvas for really beefing up support after COVID peaked.  They added, from what I heard, 80 new support people and for Chat, the ability to indicate you are a Canvas Admin which bumps you up in the queue.  That was HUGE for us.

Hope you get your question resolved!!!


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Hello @JustinChoi ...

I would agree with @nwilson7.  I am also a Canvas administrator, and I've recently had to contact them regarding some student e-mail address issues within Canvas.  In my situation, I actually was in contact with their L2 (level 2) tech support people, and they responded usually within one business day, and for my needs, this was okay.  I've usually had good experiences with their Tech Support staff, and I appreciate that they follow up on outstanding tickets that I may still have open.  Hope this helps a bit.

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