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Internet connection failure while using Zoom on Canvas

I have had two Zoom class meetings while using Canvas in which my internet connection failed. I have had one successful Zoom meeting with this class while using Canvas. On the successful evening, I had very few tabs open and I moved slowly through the site (Canvas) while sharing my screen. On the next class meeting, I started by sharing my screen to show how was navigating through Canvas and after 15 minutes, the internet connection failed. 

I could use some advice about how I can better conduct a meeting via Zoom while using the Canvas platform. 

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It sounds like the issue is really with Zoom and not Canvas itself.  If Zoom is dropping your connection it could be due to inadequate network capabilities where you are working from.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure all other applications that you are not using on your computer are closed down
  • If you can, use a wired network connection.  If you must use wireless make sure you are close to your wireless access point
  • If there are other devices in your house using internet, shut them down or put them to sleep.  If an idle computer uses some network and if it happens to be downloading a system update that can use a bit of your network.
  • If you have others in your house who really need to watch movies (my kids do), see if the app lets them download the movie so they can still watch during your Zoom but not use the network.  Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and NetFlix all support pre-downloading items to mobile devices.
  • If you are sharing your screen consider turning off your video in Zoom to reduce the network bandwidth being used.
  • This last one is big.  Consider using your phone to dial in to the Zoom meeting instead of using computer audio.  I personally have not had to do this much with Zoom, but back when I used to use Adobe Connect for training purposes it would crash at least 2 or 3 times a month. If you connect the audio use a phone and the system crashes, you are still connected by voice and can talk to your people as you reconnect Zoom.  This saved me many times with Adobe connect and it's the same idea by having a different connection.


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