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Ipad and Conference Call viewing issues

Hi - I have a student who is trying to access a Conference call on an Ipad (Safari up to date) but cannot see a join button.  Also when trying to access the concluded conference reports it gets stuck on a blue B.

He and I not technical really and wondered if anyone could throw any light on what to do please?

Many thanks.conference issues conference recordings

Note: Student also reports "An update is the error notification comes up and says the file could not be loaded."

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Sue - With one of the more recent updates to Canvas Student, users should be able to access Conferences directly from the app, rather than having to navigate through Safari. Could you ask the student to try that route? I am curious about what they experience.

New Member

I am having the same issue.  In addition, I tried going through the Canvas Student app and still cannot get the conference to load.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

Hi Heather - Do you have the most recent version of the app installed? It's important to double-check before investigating further. Smiley Happy

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still cannot get the concluded presentations to play.  I also tried viewing through Chrome and Safari with no success.