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Is Using Quizlet As an External Tool Different Than Simply Embedding It?

I have been using Quizlet in my course by embedding into a page but I see that Quizlet is an option as an external tool. However, when I select it, it does not seem to work and I don't see it when I search my organizations installed apps or even available apps.  I have a paid subscription to Quizlet (not purchased by my school) and if there is an easier integration I would love to take advantage of it. Thanks!

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I am looking for this as well. Have you found any answers yet? 

When staff in my district use the external tool-- Quizlet LTI-- they are unable to find anything in the Quizlet search box that pops up. Copying and pasting URL links doesn't work either. So far embedding Quizlets in the rich content editor appears to be the only functional way. I feel like I am missing something. I am going to search for more information and I will let you know if I find something.