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Is anyone else having issues with closed captions not showing properly in full screen mode?

I have an instructor that contacted me today with this issue:

> I have a question regarding closed captioning in Canvas. In adding closed captioning to my videos, I've noticed that the captions are OK if the videos are played at normal size. However, of the video is played full screen, the caption lines overlap and are hard to read. Any insight on this issue? I created the video in Camtasia 3. If I export the video to TechSmith's (the Camtasia vendor) site, the closed captions work fine regardless of window size.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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There are multiple multimedia services that can be attached to Canvas (Youtube, Kaltura, Mediasite, ARC, etc), but Canvas itself doesn't have a video playback capability.  How was this video added to Canvas?

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This is what I have gathered from this instructor:

I created a folder in my Canvas files to hold all of the lecture videos. I then created a page with a link to the video. After clicking on the video link, I clicked on the "cc" button and selected "Upload subtitles" to load the subtitle file (which was exported from Camtasia).  I am attaching three screenshots; one showing the page with the video links, one showing what it looks like at normal size, and one showing what it looks like full-screen.

This is what the full screen version looks like:

243880_Full Screen.png

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 @myerdon01 ,

Were you able to find an answer to your question? I am going to go ahead and mark this question as answered because there hasn't been any more activity in a while so I assume that you have the information that you need. If you still have a question about this or if you have information that you would like to share with the community, by all means, please do come back and leave a comment.  Also, if this question has been answered by one of the previous replies, please feel free to mark that answer as correct.



I never heard back from my instructor, so I would have to assume he figured out the issue on his own, or found a work-around!