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Is anyone having problems with the latest version of Chrome, 54.0.2840.59?

Canvas Login Screen.png

This is what we are getting. Works fine in Firefox. Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Are you still experiencing issues with Chrome?


Community Member

I have the same problem. All the social media icon links are HUUUUUGE!!! and all form items are in plain text.

 @rck88871 ‌, we've had a few reports here in the Community about this huge icon issue, and you might want to submit a support ticket (How do I get help with Canvas?‌) so that a support agent can have a look at the particulars of your instance. In the meantime, please refer to the recent conversation at‌ for guidance.

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Once we updated Chrome all was well. Sorry for the delay. I don't use this log in anymore, I have another one as this one seemed to merge with someone else and the username is not correct. Thanks.