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Is it ever going to be possible to restrict modules to a specific section like assignments?

The following idea was posted FOUR YEARS AGO and there seems to still be no movement on it.

Hiding and Viewing Modules for Individual Sections

Is there ANY plan to make this a feature? Now that so many k-12 districts are using canvas, and the fact that this is easily doable in google class room and other LMS's, AND the fact that you can do it with assignments and announcements, it would be great if this could make it's way to the front of the line for release updates. 

Being able to differentiate between sections, or simply better course management (think PE classes that have the same section for multiple semesters, but that section may be Health or Drivers ED on a given semester.) would be a huge plus with this feature. My School has my in-class-support class as one of the sections of the same course. Being able to have a "Extra help" Module controlled by my in-class support teacher only visible to my one section would be AMAZING. 

PLEASE consider making this a feature. I know that the Community Ideas section states that things take time, but I think 4 years of no movement or update is enough time.


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It has my vote 🙂

For now with your extra help module, you might try naming the module after your class, and asking the person managing that module to create all content as an assignment set to display grade: "not graded" and zero points.  (This will keep it out of the gradebook and avoid questions about how to get credit for those points.)  You can also create an assignment group for storing activities from that module, and ask that everything be stored there.  Then the person managing your support module can assign each assignment to only the correct section.  It will look basically like every other canvas page to the students in that section, but students in other sections will only see an empty module.