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Is it possible for students to get back to a text they written in RTE and that are submitted?

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If a student submits an assignment, they can go back to that submission by re-opening the assignment. They will see the current submission as well as a link to resubmit (as long as the assignment isn't closed).

Have I understood i right, if they resubmit they get an empty RTE write in?

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And thanks for your answer.

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Yes, that's correct. As the instructor, you can choose which submission to look at if there are multiple submissions for a student.

Thank you again! Is there any other tool, in Canvas, that let the students both hand in and be able to continue write in the samer text?

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Not that I know of. When I have students doing longer assignments, they write in a Google Doc and submit checkpoints as a URL rather than using the RTE. I can see their progress and they don't lose any work. Those checkpoints don't necessarily have to be separate assignments, either. They can continue to resubmit the same one.

Thank you, I think Google drive/Office365 seems to be the way to go.

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