Is it possible to remove color tinting entirely on Dashboard course card images?

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Currently the only way to "remove color" is to select a greyscale value like #000000, #777777, or #FFFFFF, which fades out the image and isn't ideal.

I am new to Canvas, so if there is a way to directly write backend CSS files that I'm unaware of, that's definitely a good solution as well.

If this is not currently possible, can it be added as a feature request?

Thank you!

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Go to your Dashboard

Hit the 3 blue buttons on the right

Uncheck Color Overlay



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If anyone would like to also refer to the Guides for how to remove the color overlay (thanks to @Mrs_SookhaiKing for providing the directions in this thread), you can find those here:

Refer to the section called "View Color Overlay" near the bottom of each of those Guides.

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