Is it possible to rename the "modules" category in canvas?

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I don't mean renaming a module. I mean, renaming what Canvas thinks are "modules". A module at university usually is a course, or a subject. In Canvas it has a different meaning, more akin to "course sections".

Is it possible to rename this element to "course sections" for example, instead of modules?

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Community Team

Hi @URSL_Fontys,

According to How do I manage Course Navigation links?, "Canvas includes a set of default Course Navigation links that are shown by default and cannot be renamed." The Modules link is one of those default links. 

We do have a feature idea that suggests adding functionality to change default course navigation links in Canvas (Customizing the Course Navigation Menu), if you'd like to support it you can kudo it and/or add a comment. (That might also be a good place to see what others do as a workaround.)


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