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Is that possible to add a "My Media" button on Dashboard or account settings?

My institution has integrated Kaltura in Canvas. Kaltura has two parts: My Media and Media Gallery. My Media is at the account level while Media Gallery is at the course level.

Faculty can enable Kaltura course by course. However, for staff who don't teach any course, we need to create empty courses for them only because they need to use My Media.

Is that possible to add a "My Media" button on Dashboard or account settings or somewhere else that not in a course? Thanks.

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 @liuz21 - I would ask Kaltura about this, first of all. Since they designed their integration, they may be able to help you with a custom solution.

That said, you might be able to use the XML Config Builder to create your own hack that will add My Media to the User Navigation (there isn't an option to add to the Dashboard, and adding it to the Account Navigation will only make it visible to admins). If all the My Media integration is doing is signing them into Kaltura, this would probably work pretty well.

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Hello,  @liuz21 ‌!

I wanted to follow up and see if you were able to receive any assistance from Kaltura as  @tdelillo ‌ suggested. I can certainly see the frustration for staff to use Kaltura inside of Canvas and needing their own space.

Many moons ago, I was a Kaltura admin (in a different LMS), but if I remember correctly we had a space in Kaltura similar to My Media where some users used that. We authenticated into Kaltura against Active Directory, so we didn't have to worry about individual accounts or anything. And since the LMS connected to Kalutra, technically everything was still in one place. Granted...I could be mis-remembering and totally off!

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Hi there,  @liuz21 ! Based on the previous responses and the length of time that your question has been sitting here, I'm going to go ahead and mark this question as "Assumed Answered". This won't prevent folks from commenting on this question in the future if someone comes along and has an answer for you, though! Cheers!

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We have been able to add "My Media" in Canvas by using the "Kaltura Video App for Canvas - XMLs generator" in Canvas (available at - replace 123456 with your Kaltura instance) and taking the My Media XML and changing: 

<lticm:options name="course_navigation">‍


<lticm:options name="user_navigation">

With that "My Media" than shows up on the user profile page and seems to work great for some users, put others are getting a "Access Denied" message that must be related to permissions somewhere. We have a ticket in to Kaltura to hopefully resolve that and I'll post an update when we hear back. 

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I just tried. It said "unable to add the app." Will the admin secret expire?

Hello Amy, I just talked to our admin,  @tyler_clair  who was the person that figured this out - there are a couple of other attributes you will need to change in the XML (tool_id and title). I would give that a try - Tyler may have additional input. In addition, hat tip to jihoon.yoo‌ and  @u0554064 ‌ from the University of Utah who pointed us in that direction. 

Hi Christopher! Do you have a screenshot, showing how this "My Media" appears on the user profile page?

Here you go: 

User profile menu showing My Media in the menu.

It is nice to have an option for instructors to get to their media without going through a course. 

Community Champion

Thank you to to  @makraft ‌ we were able to get "My Media" working for faculty. The direction she pointed us was going to the KAF, going to the Hosted Module and set the "None" user to kmsRole privateOnlyRole: 
screenshot showing privateOnlyRole selected for None user.

(image courtesy  @makraft ‌)

So now the link is showing up in the user profile and then  @kenneth_larsen ‌ added a snippet of code so that it also shows up in the Global Navigation Flyout: 

Screenshot showing My Media in global flyout.