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Is there a Canvas Commons vs. Blueprint Course document/table?

Has anyone built a document or table that compares and contrasts the differences and uses for Canvas Commons and  Blueprint Courses?

I have now been asked about a half dozen times what the differences between the two are and why Blueprint might be better than Commons (and vice versa). The answer of "one is a push and one is a pull" only gets me so far Smiley Happy

I'm hoping someone in the community has already built this type of document or table?

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Here is what I have so far...anyone want to make improvements/changes?

Canvas Blueprint vs Canvas Commons - Google Sheets 


Hey cms_hickss, it's not exactly what you're after but  @kblack ‌ did some excellent work outline the nuances of Blueprint courses in‌.  @efomin ‌, hopefully you've seen this as well because I would imagine it will help out a lot with creating feature comparison list or pros/cons lists. I'm going to mark this question as "assumed answered" because technically someone has created a list and shared it.

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Hi cms_hickss

I wanted that chart myself!  I ended up comparing Blueprints to Commons to Importing course cartridges.

Well shoot.  I can't attach my Word doc.  If you'd like a nicer formatted table, drop me a line.

Blueprint CoursesCanvas CommonsImporting Course CartridgesMerging/Crosslisting Course Sites
Rights neededCombination of Admin and InstructorAdmin or InstructorAdmin or InstructorAdmin or Instructor
“Push” or “Pull”PushPullPull n/a
Number of Courses updated at onceAny number within the same subaccountAny number as long as updater is instructor in all sites.One at a time. Only one course site used.
AdvantagesOpportunity to lock certain aspects of course content, while allowing instructors of linked sites autonomy.

Library of educational resources available for use.

Can push updates to selected resources as needed.
Opportunity to customize each import.One site to maintain. Opportunities for cross section instructional activities.

Not all aspects of a course available for locking.

Limited sync history.

Administrator rights needed for at least initial set up.
Must be enrolled in all linked sites.Updating content risks duplicating course materials.Large Enrollment course sites in Canvas have multiple pain points.

This is great! Thank you!

Yes, thank you Victoria!  Very nice!

This is an awesome chat Victoria. Would you be up for sharing it with my work group? is our group email address - I think my co-workers will like this as much as I do. THanks!

On it's way!  Enjoy!