Is there a journal?

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I need to create a way for students to collect a number of bi-weekly writing assignments in a private journal, or logbook, or portfolio.The complete collection of assignments will eventually be graded, but they will not necessarily be read or marked as soon as they are written.Students should also be able to go back and add to, or change their posts, or at least comment on them, and I need to do that too. I used to use the journal function in Blackboard for this, but can't find an equivalent in Canvas. In a response to another question I saw the suggestion to create individual discussions for each student, and that might work, although it will not be possible to set this up until the students have been added to the course because until then I cannot be sure how many they are. I would like to be able to do most of the setting up before term starts. 🙂 The e-portfolio looked promising, but that is not something I can assign and grade in a course, is it? An open assignment would work, I suppose, but that would mean opening six or seven different submissions per student, instead of just scrolling down, wouldn't it? And students would not be able to go back and change anything, would they? Perhaps discussions is the best option? Grateful for any suggestions .