Is there a quick way to see which people have newly been added to the "People" page?

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In our school, new students are automatically added to courses by the admin. However, since students sometimes enrol right before or after the official start of the course (not to mention with similar sounding names), it can be difficult for teachers to remember which students have already received a welcome email with important information, and which 'late arrivals' still need to be sent one. It would be quite a shame if student missed this info just because they were not immediately noticed as "new" in the list.

I was wondering if it is possible to somehow check a quick overview of "new people" in the course (e.g. any new enrolments since the last time the "people" page was accessed).

Many thanks!

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The short answer is no. However, if your admin is tech-savvy, they can set up what called "Live Events" which can notify you whenever there is a new enrollment created in your course (

I have written an article on how to set this up for your admin if they're interested:



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