Is there a way to automatically choose all the highest values on a rubric?

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Or the lowest values for that matter?  Without clicking each one individually?

I have my rubrics set up with lots of criteria (20-30) each worth between 0 and 3 points.  I use the rubrics to grade lab reports and generally students receive full credit for many of the criteria.  It would be much faster for me to automatically select a checkbox that gives students full credit for all the criteria and then manually adjust the criteria where they lose credit.

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Hi  @emiller1 .  I am afraid that the answer to this is no.  However, I did find an existing feature idea that seems like it may be what you are hoping to see," modifiedtitle="true" title="De....  You might consider voting this up!  One option may be that if a student were to need to get full or no credit, rather than using the rubric you could type the score into the SpeedGrader assessment score box (above the view rubric button) and then use the comments to explain why they received full or no credit.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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Robert ( @rsamia ),

This question was about the use of rubrics. It has nothing to do with the showing the highest score on any attempt. I'm not sure I follow what you're asking about.

Are you talking about classic quizzes? If so, then the answer is likely no. Canvas has announced the deprecation of classic quizzes and that they are not doing any more development on them.

There is no guarantee of a single highest scoring attempt in classic quizzes as there are students who take a quiz multiple times but don't improve. Which one of those does Canvas show? Also, it's a bad idea to show only the highest quiz. A couple of weeks ago, I had to go through and regrade a question on a quiz and what was not the highest quiz became the highest scoring quiz for some after the regrade.

SpeedGrader shows the latest attempt, whether it be a quiz or any assignment. That is the best option for the majority of the users, but it means that people who want something else have to select a different option from the drop-down list of attempts.

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