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Is there a way to automatically send a welcome email to students when they enroll?


Our class is open all semester long, and we're wondering if there is a way to send an automatic welcome email to students when they enroll?

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Community Coach

Good morning, @GemaLeon ...

Canvas does not have anything built into the messaging system (Inbox) to send automatic messages to your students.  Notice I am intentionally using the word "messages" and not "e-mail" because technically, Canvas does not have e-mail.  You can message students through the Canvas Inbox, and students can receive messages via the Canvas Inbox.  In addition, students can choose to receive copies of those messages to their connected e-mail address(es).  They can also choose the frequency of how often they want to receive those e-mail notifications.  So, it is entirely possible that a student may want to turn e-mail notifications off and only get notified of things directly through Canvas.  Here are a handful of Guides that might be of help:

I hope this will help a bit ... even though it might not directly address your question.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!