Is there a way to change the font on EVERY question in a quiz?

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I'm the GA for a Hebrew class, The font on the vocab quizzes the professor used is not very good and he's asked me to change them. However, it is very time consuming to go through each quiz and change the font on each individual question. Is there some way to change the font on every question at once? He has already uploaded them so I have to work on the website itself.

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Hi @ZacharyFojtasek 

The quick, dirty, and simple answer is "No, there is no way to edit the default font setting in Quizzes or anywhere else in Canvas.

You could create a new Idea Conversation for this functionality in this community.

There is one Caveat, if your professor is using the Classic Quizzes, then Canvas is no longer accepting ideas for changing Quizzes, deferring to their New Quizzes.


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You can export all of the quizzes, then edit them and re-import them. You can do this via either the API or by exporting a course in one of the export formats and editing this - then re-import.

Using the classic quizzes, I have made tools to create quizzes (and surveys) and insert them into a course. It is really handy to be able to edit them in the tool and then inject them just as I want.


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