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Is there a way to create a personality quiz without 'correct' answers?

Hi there,

For a long time, I've been searching for a way to make a personality quiz to get students to reflect on their soft skills and get feedback on their answers. For this, the quiz should have no right or wrong answers. Feedback must be instantaneous and not require a teacher.  

Problems so far:

Partial scoring still has to have a correct answer. 

Surveys do not provide feedback

Selecting every answer as correct gives a poor score at the end

Does anyone have any ideas? 

Many thanks 


Type of questions. No need for a correct answer but need the feedback.

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Agree, really need to have this type of self-assessment questioning as a Survey with no score but the option to  feedback/advise on a course of action. 

I have tried this as multiple answers but it comes up with some strange scoring calculations. 

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I'd also like to know that. I like to use quizzes as self-assessment tools for study skills and wellness, but it's a bit awkward to say that learners are "wrong" and "losing marks" when they're accurately reporting on their habits (and when I want them to strive for accuracy rather than for a "high mark"!). I'd love if anyone knows a way to set up a more scaleable/automated way to interpret data, maybe with if-this-then-that interpretations of their results that could be automatically sent to them. 

Many of our learners have SEN and/or are emotionally vulnerable, so I worry that presenting their results as something like "you got 2/30" with red X's all over the place, but I don't really know how else to interpret that.

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I do quizzes like this. I create an assignment category that is weighted at 0 percent. In the quiz instructions I make it clear that students can ignore the scored feedback. 

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Hi,  @lowea ,

I don't think there is an easy way to do this but you may consider combining both faz.masters‌ and  @james_dannibale ‌ suggestions. A multiple answer question with individual answer feedback all all marked correct and the quiz itself in a assignment group worth zero percent would likely get you fairly close to what you need.I'm not sure if Quizzes.Next addresses this need.

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I might consider embedding a Google Form or a Qualtrics survey to do this instead of using Quizzes features in Canvas. I think Lisa's idea is best if you want to stay within the Canvas environment, though.

Good luck!