Is there a way to delete submissions completely, even the "File_Removed.pdf"?

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We have deleted a submission from an assignment because the student had submitted to the wrong assignment. And the teachers was not finished with all the settings for the assignment but had published it by mistake. 

So we deleted the submission but got a "File_Removed.pdf" instead. Is there any way to delete this pdf and make the Assignment "as new again"?  For instance, in the gradebook it still looks like the student have made a submission. Another thing is that this is a group assignment and as soon as there were a submission the teacher cant change the these settings. 

Or is the best way to simply delete this assignment and do a new one? 


/jonas k


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Hi @jonas_knutsson 

Bottom line is that you really and truly cannot remove student submissions from an assignment, and deleting the assignment is the only course of action you can take to clear the submission.


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