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Is there a way to enlarge the answer box for "fill in the blank" questions?

The fill-in-the-blank boxes are quite short (makes sense, it's often used for filling in a word or two).   I want to do some short answer questions--answers would be one or two sentences.  I can't seem to find another way other than Essay--which takes up a lot of space and freaks out my students who think they need to write a lot.  

So... is there a way to enlarge the fill in the blank box?  Or is there a way to reduce the essay essay text box to the space of 3-4 lines.  (this seems to be one area where moodle is better than canvas if there's no workaround).

Appreciate any insight.  thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jill_lynch ‌, on the front end of Canvas, no, this isn't possible. On the back-end of Canvas it might be possible, but that's beyond my expertise. I'm going to share this with the‌ to see if they can help!

Community Contributor

Hi there,

You certainly can, with CSS overrides inside the Theme Editor. The CSS class you want to look into is ".question_input". Here is an example snippet you can use (of course, adjust it as needed).

input[type="text"].question_input {
     width: 300px;

The drawback to this is that it will affect all accounts that use whatever theme you are editing, so please note any other courses using this theme will notice the style change. Also this is assuming the ".question_input" class only affects, well, fill-in-the-blank answers. Hope this helps.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @jill_lynch ‌...

I thought I would check in with you because it has been about two months since you first posted your question here in the Canvas Community.  Have you had an opportunity to review the responses from  @kona ‌ and llawson‌?  If so, did either of those responses help to answer your question?  If so, please go ahead and mark one of those responses as "Correct".  But, if you are still looking for some help with your original question, please come back to this thread to post an update so that members of the Community can continue to help you out.  Because we've not heard from you since you first posted this message and because there hasn't been any new activity in this thread for quite a while, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered", but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions/comments below.  I hope that's okay with you, Jill.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

New Member

Thank you everyone! I'm sorry to be negligent in coming back to thank you.  Appreciate it!  I haven't tried it yet.  I set up the quiz as best I could before I got Parsa's response.  I will try it out this term.