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Is there a way to sort assignment list by date?

The instructor view of Assignments shows the assignments scrambled and not by due date or open date.  Is there a way to get them into order?   I titled each one "Week 01 etc, but they are not listed that way.

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Community Coach

Hi Alan,

You should be able to view the columns in the Grade Center arranged in many different ways, including by due date.  There's a help document on arranging the columns atHow do I arrange columns in the Gradebook? 

If you're talking about in the Assignments area itself, they are grouped together by assignment group.  Within each assignment group, they can be dragged and dropped into whatever order you want.


Thanks Mike; I found that part.  What I was looking for was a way to sort the page showing all the assignments (meaning clicking the menu button that says assignments).  It only offers the search process.  I'm not even sure how the system puts them in the order they are in.  Doesn't seem to be in the order generated or authored, nor does it look like the date published.  And there is no way to drag and drop them in the right order either.  I wanted to use that as a fast way to get to an assignment, but having to do a search defeats that option.


Am I missing something?


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And there is no way to drag and drop them in the right order either

Maybe you're not in the right spot? If you go to the Assignments page itself, then you can can be sort them using drag and drop. See this lesson from the Canvas Instructor Guide: How do I move or reorder an assignment? 

One thing to be aware of is that the assignment group ordering will take precedence over the assignment ordering. That is, there's two levels of sorting. The primary sort is the assignment group and the secondary sort is the assignment.

The sort order for students is different than the sort order for instructors. They can either view the assignments by date or by type. This lesson from the Canvas Student Guide provides more information: 

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Whoa Nellie......   Apparently there was an issue before, but not today.  I just clicked on the "Assignments" button and all came up sorted nice and neat. Either there was a system glitch sending the data to me or my computer was lazy.  Seems to be working just like you said now.  Thanks.

Problem solved.

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You must have been typing your comment as I started typing mine, but I'm a slower typist. I'm glad you figured it out.

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I am having trouble sorting assignments on the teacher assignment page as well.  I understand that they are grouped, but within that group doesn't look like they are ordered in any particular way.  I spent 10 minutes dragging them in the order I wanted but then they went back to the old order.  Any suggestions?

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It would be great to have sort order options such as newest to oldest or alpha etc so that people can chose which order they want. It is obviously not sustainable to keep dragging the order one by one when we have dozens of assignments in 5-7 classes : )


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The student view has "show by date". It would be very cool if the teacher view had that as well.

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