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Is there a way to view previously imported SIS files into Canvas?

Hi, I would like to view the history of SIS files I imported into Canvas.  I want to see if I forgot to import a certain file.

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You can get this with the API Get SIS import list endpoint (SIS Imports - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation).

You don't need any programming to get the list, just log in as an admin and put https://yourserver/accounts/1/sis_import into your browser.

You will probably need to consider pagination (Pagination - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation) and you might also want to add the created_since parameter.

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Thanks for this @pklove It saved me today. Fyi for others, just to be clear the "yourserver" in the URL will be the url for your Canvas instance, like And very important, it's sis_imports with an S. sis_import takes you to your go-to SIS import page, but sis_imports shows the history. Not in very readable form, but I was after some error messages and just did ctrl+F to find a unique word in the error message ("claimed" for me).