Is there an easy way to get rid of the missing?

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We co-teach 650 students in P.E.. About half are virtual and half hybrid and they can change their placement  anytime they want. To attempt to keep accurate attendance/grades Everyone gets the assignment. If you are virtual you take a "quiz" at the end of each lesson for your grade for that day. If you are in school, the teacher puts in a grade for that assignment for you after you have participated in the day's class. Sounds easy until the next day when canvas doesn't like that the student didn't take the quiz and marks it as missing even though they were given their points by the teacher. I know we can go in and physically take away the missing but with 350ish students that is very time consuming doing it every day for 6 classes. Is there an easier way to get rid of the missings as some of the students don't like to see a missing even though they have a grade?

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You might talk to your technology team.  We created virtual sections for our teachers that are just the students that are currently virtual and we move them back and forth as the students change their placement.  That allows our teachers to assign different assignments to the in person and virtual students. We had the same problem with 'Missing Assignments' for in person students until we  did this.

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