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Is there any way to move the previous and next buttons to the top of pages

to eliminate unnecessary scrolling? I found a previous question about this and someone said they were going to look into it, but it doesn't look like it went anywhere.

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 @shawn_mauser  , welcome to the Community.  As a teacher, my first question is, "Whose unnecessary scrolling?"  If you are a student, then the material on each page was considered important by your teacher, and you may want to at least skim it for information.  If you are a teacher and you think it's unnecessary, imagine what your students think.

I'm a teacher.

I want the ability to put the buttons where I know they will do the most good and be most intuitive for flow.

HI  @shawn_mauser , 

I do not think it is possible to change the current module previous and next button placement.

It really depends on your purpose doesn't it. If you see a reason to have them at the top of the page then I have seen teachers create their own buttons that link in that way. it's a little cumbersome but does the trick for them. 

Thanks. That’s what I’ve been doing, but was hopeful it could be simplified. I wish canvas was more format friendly. Doing constant work arounds to get the layout I want are so cumbersome. At least there’s an html editor so there’s that. Thanks again.

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Have you thought about making your own buttons and then making a link to the next page?  That way, you can publish the module and have the assignments, pages, etc there, but they can be unpublished.  You can also be creative with your buttons.  I have done this!