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Is there anyone from Hong Kong?

Is there anyone from Hong? Can you provide the direct contact of the Hong Kong Canvas representatives? I need instant help but most of the time , sending emails for support from overseas is quite time consuming.

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Hi Pui Ying, 

Happy to meet you in the online community. I am from Hong Kong so feel free to discuss anything online or DM me / your CSM if you have any specific question.

Hi Mr Kwong, 
Thank you for your reply. I am a school admin in a Hong Kong primary school . My school has been a Canvas user for five years. We normally contact the Canvas representative overseas for renewal of licences. When it comes to the technical support issues, I have escalated tickets to ask for help but  there is no reply. I tried to contact the Overseas Canvas representatives for help. He found that my school admin was still the retired principal of my school, it is necessary for him to escalate a enquiry ticket with his email... I feel helpless as I am now the admin of my school but I can’t escalate a ticket with my email. Worse still , he asked me to make a phone call ( 852 50805001) for help but no one answer the call... I would like to know if I can contact anyone from Hong Kong, who can offer help for my technical enquiry and renewal of licence . If possible , I wish there is some who can give me advice on further exploration on Canvas. My retired principal has passed the admin position to me. I am responsible for setting up accounts, courses and managing the platform, buy I am only a teacher, I need technical support and advice. I am not working in some Loval Canvas users like Cityu and HKUST,  from which they have great IT support.  I send emails to all the the emails which I could found related to Canvas support, including Canvas LMS community , I even sent emails to the Hong Kong Canvas ex-employee ( obviously there is no reply). It is great that finally I got a reply from you. 
It would be much appreciated if you could share your experience on handling technical problems on Canvas and if possible , share your contact of anyone for Canvas Hong Kong. ( I wonder if there is still any Hong Kong representatives.)
Anyway, thanks again for your reply !
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Is it possible if you could give me your email so that I can DM you for further discussion?

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Hello  @pyyu ...

You can send  @ColtKwong  a DM (Direct Message) here in the Community if you want, and he should get it.  Check out this Guide: How do I send direct messages to people in the Canvas Community?.

I hope this will be of help to you.  Good luck!